Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Last night was Woods Cross City Council meeting. The biggest item was appointing a Justice Court Judge. The city council went into closed session to discuss the character of the two top candidates, Joel Campbell and Bob Peters. After the closed session, the mayor recommended that we appoint Joel Campbell as the Justice Court Judge. Rick Earnshaw made a motion to that effect. Jon Hadlow seconded the motion. Jon and Rick voted for the motion, Tamy Dayley, me and Todd Weiler voted against the motion. The mayor than recommended that we appoint Bob Peters as Justice Court Judge. Todd made a motion to this effect. I seconded the motion and all voted in favor of the motion. Todd, Tamy, and I all felt that if we have somebody inside the city who is qualified to fill the position, we should go with that person.
During the open session, Tamy brought up issues surrounding her feelings about the Youth City Council. We then spent probably close to 45 minutes arguing about those. She expressed three concerns.
1) In the YCC charter, she says that it says that the YCC mayor and other council members are picked by a member of the Woods Cross City Council and the YCC advisor. This year, Vickie chose them on her own without imput from any Woods Cross City Council members. I told Tamy that I believe that this was done because her and Vickie have a personality conflict and Vickie didn't want to have to deal with her. I also told her that I have never seen this YCC charter. She said that she would get me a copy.
2) She is concerned about the YCC being responsible for their budget. I believe that they are being responsible for their budget. She thinks that they should give a quarterly financial report. Gary mentioned that the YCC is handled the same way as other departments. The city has a policy that they can purchase things under $1,000.00 without prior authorization as long as they are within their budget. This is how all the departments in the city are handled.
3) She feels like there need to be changes to the YCC. She said that these changes need to be done through a committee with them making recommendations to the City Council. The problem with this is that Rick Earnshaw has tried to get people to participate in this committee and nobody wants to because he said they all told him that the way the YCC was functioning was fine with them. He also stated that he believes that those who he talked to don't want to be the bad guy. (by making unwanted and possibly un-needed changes.)