Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Last night was Woods Cross City Council meeting. The biggest item was appointing a Justice Court Judge. The city council went into closed session to discuss the character of the two top candidates, Joel Campbell and Bob Peters. After the closed session, the mayor recommended that we appoint Joel Campbell as the Justice Court Judge. Rick Earnshaw made a motion to that effect. Jon Hadlow seconded the motion. Jon and Rick voted for the motion, Tamy Dayley, me and Todd Weiler voted against the motion. The mayor than recommended that we appoint Bob Peters as Justice Court Judge. Todd made a motion to this effect. I seconded the motion and all voted in favor of the motion. Todd, Tamy, and I all felt that if we have somebody inside the city who is qualified to fill the position, we should go with that person.
During the open session, Tamy brought up issues surrounding her feelings about the Youth City Council. We then spent probably close to 45 minutes arguing about those. She expressed three concerns.
1) In the YCC charter, she says that it says that the YCC mayor and other council members are picked by a member of the Woods Cross City Council and the YCC advisor. This year, Vickie chose them on her own without imput from any Woods Cross City Council members. I told Tamy that I believe that this was done because her and Vickie have a personality conflict and Vickie didn't want to have to deal with her. I also told her that I have never seen this YCC charter. She said that she would get me a copy.
2) She is concerned about the YCC being responsible for their budget. I believe that they are being responsible for their budget. She thinks that they should give a quarterly financial report. Gary mentioned that the YCC is handled the same way as other departments. The city has a policy that they can purchase things under $1,000.00 without prior authorization as long as they are within their budget. This is how all the departments in the city are handled.
3) She feels like there need to be changes to the YCC. She said that these changes need to be done through a committee with them making recommendations to the City Council. The problem with this is that Rick Earnshaw has tried to get people to participate in this committee and nobody wants to because he said they all told him that the way the YCC was functioning was fine with them. He also stated that he believes that those who he talked to don't want to be the bad guy. (by making unwanted and possibly un-needed changes.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I attended the City Planning Commission meeting last night. There was only one issue on the agenda. It was the approval of a site plan and conditional use request for Shamrock Landscape located at 2436 South 1250 West.
A Meet the Candidates night is scheduled for Sept. 30th at City Hall.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

No excitement today. I'm learning more and more about Pronto. Today I set up our pronto system so that it will print some documents to a different paper-tray.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Last night I found out that two people are no longer candidates for Woods Cross City Council. Cathy Larrabee dropped out of the race and Troy Gottfredson was not a registered voter. I think we should charge some sort of filing fee. This would help eliminate those who are not truly serious about running a campaign. I think it would require a lot more thought for someone if they had to pay 25 dollars or so.
The three biggest items from City Council meeting last night were:
1. Public Hearing to consider Rezoning of almost 6 acres from I1 - light industrial to R-1-8 single - family residential. The council voted 5 - 0 to rezone this property which is located at about 2300 South 1500 West.
2. Public Hearing to gather input regarding a proposed amdendment to the Zoning Ordinance. The council voted 5 - 0 to adopt the ordinance which changes the minimum distance between a house and an accessory building from 6 feet to 3 feet. This brings our ordinance in-line with the International Building Code.
3. Consideration to amend the Woods Cross City Code of Ordinances to address unauthorized parking of vehicles on private property. The council voted 5 - 0 to adopt this change which will allow a property owner to have a vehicle towed from their property if it is parked there without permission. This change means the police department will not be involved. The property owner will call the towing company directly.
That's all for today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Our network was hit today by the W32.Welchia Worm. We spent a considerable amount of time running around patching systems and cleaning off the worm.
Tonight is City Council Meeting. There is nothing controversial on the agenda tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Now my thoughts on the upcoming election. The primary election will be held on October 7th. Because eleven people filed for three open seats, the primary election will have to eliminate five candidates.
The candidates (again in no particular order):
Troy C. Gottfredson - As I mentioned yesterday, I imagine that he will receive a lot of support from those involved with the Skypark Airport.
Catherine Larrabee - She is the mayor's sister-in-law. Not sure what made her interested in running.
Rick Nuttall - I don't know him. A quick lookup in the on-line phone directory only lists his phone number and Woods Cross.
James Martin - Again, I don't know him. He lives in the South West quadrant of the city.
Tamara Dayley - As I have mentioned in a previous post, she seems to have lost quite a bit of support in the city.
Randen Funk - Lives in the Argyle Acres subdivision. Seems genuinely interested in giving it a good shot.
Donald D. Moore Jr. - As I mentioned previously, Don is well liked and has served previously on the City Council.
Rick Earnshaw - Well liked and long-time community member.
Lisa S. Schloemer - Heavily involved in the community council as well as WX Elementary PTA.
Leo C. Beecher - Long-time resident of the city. Seems to be well liked among many residents.
George Wiggins - I don't know him. A quick lookup in the on-line phone directory doesn't list a George Wiggins living in Woods Cross.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I now have a list of those who have filed to run for Woods Cross, Utah City Council. They are in no particular order: Troy C. Gottfredson, Catherine Larrabee, Rick Nuttall, James Martin, Tamara Dayley (I), Randen Funk, Donald D. Moore Jr., Rick Earnshaw (I), Lisa S. Schloemer, Leo C. Beecher, and George Wiggins. I will comment more on these tomorrow. I think of most interesting note is that Troy Gottfredson is with Flight Operations of the Utah Aircraft Alliance. He is heavily involved with Skypark Airport and I'm sure, were he elected, he would push to have the Skypark Airport runway extended. More comments on those running later.

Friday, August 15, 2003

I received my Certification kit from Sun Microsystems yesterday. They sent me a card for my wallet that shows that I'm ceritified. They also sent me a pin, and a certificate suitable for framing. I'm not sure what the pin will be good for. Oh well.
I still haven't taken the time to get USB support working on my SuSE partition. Maybe next week?

Thursday, August 14, 2003

So there are two days left to file for the municipal elections. I was told last night that eight people have filed. This means that there will be a primary election held on Oct. 7th. It should be an interesting race as I've heard names of people who have filed who are very capable. I will make more comments about this after the filing deadline has past.
On the UtahPolicy weblog last Thursday, there is a great post about how eliminating the Republican Party Primary in Utah could alienate Republicans. I agree with this post. The purpose of the party is supposed to be to get Republicans elected. If you alienate fellow Republicans, you are not going to get Republicans elected.
In the tech world, the biggest news this week is the Blaster worm. It's ironic to me that with the Department of Homeland Security making such a big deal about patching Microsoft Windows machines, and yet this worm still caused so many problems. One thing that I think contributed to this, is the fact that Microsoft issues so many security patches. I believe that it is kind of like the boy who cried wolf. People hear so many times that it is vital that they patch their system and then nothing happens. This time they didn't patch and it hit them. I've heard of at least 15 people who had this worm hit their home computers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So I'm already falling behind at this.
I never mentioned that I'm also a City Council member in the great city of Woods Cross, Utah. Being a politician, I was very interested in the announcement yesterday of President Bush appointing Governor Mike Leavitt to be the administrator of the US EPA. This sure makes next year's race for governor wide open. The local papers have said that Leavitt was leading in all the polls. It will be interesting to see how the Senate hearings go for the gov.
In Woods Cross, we are gearing up for municipal elections this year. There are three seats on the City Council that are up for election. Two of the incumbents are running again. Rick Earnshaw is very popular and has done a good job. Tamy Dayley is the other incumbent running. She has made a lot of people upset and seems to have lost a considerable amount of support. I know of two other people who have filed for candidacy, Don Moore and Randen Funk. Don Moore has been on the City Council before and even served a short period as Mayor. He seems to be well liked in the community.
On another note, I sure love the Palm PDAs! I've been using Palm PDAs for about 7 years now. My current Palm is a Tungsten T. My favorite application on my Palm is MarkMyScriptures followed closely by Plucker. One of the sites that I use Plucker for is There is some great information on this site about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and ways they can use their PDA.

Friday, August 08, 2003

It's Friday!
On one of the Linux e-mail lists that I subscribe to, somebody posted a link to the following blog This post is about IBM's counterclaims in their lawsuit with SCO. The counterclaims deal mainly with the GPL. It's a very interesting read.

Today I'm going to attempt to get USB working on my SuSE partition of my laptop. I really want to get it working so I can get my Palm Tungsten T working. And speaking of the TungstenT, I would love to get the new Tungsten C. Oh well.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

This is the start of my blog. I decided to get in on the craze that appears to be spreading like wildfire.

A little about me:
I work as a Network Administrator for a Microbiological Laboratory. I have over 7 years experience with Novell NetWare and over 4 years experience with Linux (various distros).
Recently, I had the opportunity to get training on the Solaris Operating Environment. I jumped at the chance and my company paid for me to attend SA-239 - System Administration for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment at Information Technology International. I found out that in order to get certified, I had to pass two tests. The first test was pertaining to the information learned in the SA-239 class. The second test was pertaining to information learned in the SA-299 class which is Advanced System Administration for the Solaris 9 OE. My company wasn't willing to pay for me to attend the 299 class. I passed the first test and decided I wanted to have something to show for my efforts so I signed up for the second class again at ITI. I took the second class the week of July 28, 2003. Today I took and passed the second test. Now I guess I wait for Sun Microsystems to send me my certification material. HOORAY!