Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Democrat distances himself from Democrats?

An article about a debate between Rob Bishop and his challenger Steve Olsen appeared in today's Deseret News. The article says that "Steve Olsen attempted to cast himself as a nonpartisan, problem-solving moderate who would not walk lockstep with national Democrats." So apparently he knows that the chances of a Democrat being elected in District 1 are very slim. That's an interesting strategy. I'm not like the national Democrats. I'm just a member of the Democratic Party. I don't find many Republicans in these parts saying these types of things. Maybe they do in places like Boston, however, I didn't see it when I was in Southern New Hampshire recently.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lame Ducks don't make the best decisions

Apparently the Davis County Commission is going to take a parting shot at residents. Today's Deseret Morning News says that they are seeking a 45% property tax increase. Here we go again. I think that the commission should look at ways to cut costs, not spend, spend, spend. I hate to say this, but, maybe it is time to elect a member of a different party to our county commission to see if things change. Of course I'm sure we'll here the same thing all over again this time. "It's only 45% of the county's portion." Yes, I know that. I'm still against it.