Friday, March 16, 2007

Discrimination alive and well in Utah

In a post today at Utah Policy Daily, LaVarr Webb repeats what he calls "Irish jokes." The problem with these jokes is that two of the three are about drinking. This makes me wonder if Mr. Webb has ever been to Ireland. Sure there might be Irish people who drink to excessive amounts, but, guess what Mr. Webb, there are Americans who drink to excessive amounts.
To repeat jokes (I'm assuming he is repeating them and didn't make them up on his own.) that give unfair treatment to a group of people on the basis of prejudice is the very definition of discrimination. I hope that is not reflective of the political party that Mr. Webb belongs to. I know the church he belongs to doesn't preach discrimination in any form.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Are they crazy?

This is the year when Woods Cross will elect three council members. So what on earth would make somebody want to run for City Council? As a city council member, here are some things you must be willing to endure.
  1. Phone calls late at night from some citizen who is upset because... fill in the blank here with any/all of the following:
    • Their garbage can didn't get emptied on time.
    • They are opposed to the new swimming pool being built, or being open on Sundays.
    • The air in their neighborhood stinks.
    • The trains / airplanes are too loud.
    • The school is cancelling the after-school program.
    • The city increased their fees again.

  2. Having people upset at you because you voted a certain way on an issue.
  3. People you thought were friends say things that aren't true about you to other people.
  4. Anonymous e-mails calling you very nasty names.
  5. Anonymous phone calls from people calling you nasty names.
Notice I didn't mention phone calls from citizens telling you they think you are doing a great job? So why would anyone subject themselves to this torture? I think it comes down to a few reasons.
First, I think most people who do it don't realize the amount of hate that can exist in a small community, and how that hate can be turned against them.
Second, I think some people who run for a city council position firmly believe that they can do some good in their small community.
Third, I think there are more people than we like to believe who do it because they like the ego trip. In my opinion, these are the people who are the least qualified to run a city.
So how do you know what a candidate's motivation is? Talk to the candidate. Call them on the phone. Preferably not late at night.