Friday, March 17, 2006

My experience at my precinct caucus meeting

Two years ago I attended my Republican Party precinct caucus meeting. I had attended previous caucuses, but this was my first as part of the WX05 precinct. The meeting was held at Woods Cross Elementary School. The state party platform was read and then from there the meeting was completely different from any one that I had been to previously. The majority of the precinct members attend the same LDS Church Ward. Since I'm not a member of that ward, I can't say for sure what happened, but, it appeared to me that a lot of the campaigning for the chair and delegate positions had taken place in that LDS Ward meetings. Nominations were made, then votes were cast. No time was given for the candidates to give a speech about why they should be elected. Now, do you think I'm excited to participate in this year's precinct caucus meeting? Maybe I'll send spies to their church meetings Sunday to see what goes on.


Josh Daniels said...

It is interesting the quirky nature of precinct meetings in Utah, often it is a ward vs. ward situation where the ward that is dominant can win due the natural social connections that exist in a ward. However, it doesn't mean the system is broken or that the ward members are bad, it just means you have to work harder getting to know people outside your own ward, or if not a member of the church, people in general.

Good Luck


Rob said...

Try your democratic caucus meeting. You are invited and your voice matters.

Thad said...

It may not mean that the system is broken or bad, however, it may mean that the LDS culture is more of an exclusive one than an inclusive one.

Karrie Green said...

Hi Thad it's me again LOL, glad to hear you are a fellow republican!!! LOl That is fairly infurating that that ward took over if they held a meeting as a ward I would be especially disappointed although a neighborhood meeting would have been fair game.Either way though Next time please just speak up and and not allow them to take over atleast until everyones voice had been heard, it seems if a violation went that fair you could take it up with those running the entire caucus at that location.