Friday, October 06, 2006

Lame Ducks don't make the best decisions

Apparently the Davis County Commission is going to take a parting shot at residents. Today's Deseret Morning News says that they are seeking a 45% property tax increase. Here we go again. I think that the commission should look at ways to cut costs, not spend, spend, spend. I hate to say this, but, maybe it is time to elect a member of a different party to our county commission to see if things change. Of course I'm sure we'll here the same thing all over again this time. "It's only 45% of the county's portion." Yes, I know that. I'm still against it.


An insider said...

Did you know that within the next 10 years the County is planning on building a new library facility for Kaysville on the old Clover Club property on 200 North? So then why did the County decide to spend something along the lines of $60,000 to remodel the existing Kaysville library when they knew they were only going to use it for a few more years? Couldn't the merge have waited 5 or so years?

When someone spends someone else's money (i.e. taxpayer money), being frugal is always harder, isn't it?

WP said...

I agree with your statement. It is time to elect somone of a different party. We need better service from our county leaders. I am supporting Rob Miller for Seat A. See the 10 reasons why on Centerville Citizen's blog.

Allie said...

I sure hope a new library isn't built. Why can't they just keep using the remodeled one?

Protests anyone?

I'm voting for Rob Miller too. I'm hoping with his history of good financial management in business, that he'll be able to curb frivolous spending (at the county level at least).