Friday, April 20, 2007

If it Quacks like a Duck...

So the Woods Cross City Council has made yet another bad decision. Three members of the City Council, Don Moore, Rick Earnshaw, and Jon Hadlow, all voted to amend the general plan to allow Sinclair to add storage tanks to their facility. These storage tanks would hold jet fuel. This goes completely against what previous members of the City Council have tried to do. That is, move Woods Cross away from being a heavy industrial arm pit of the county. I'm shocked that they would make such a move, especially in an election year. In an article in the Davis County Clipper, Don Moore is quoted as saying, "it looks like we’re doing something wrong if we remove the whole paragraph.”
If you're making wording changes just so it doesn't look like you're doing something wrong, maybe you need to take a step back and see if you really should be making the changes at all.
Avoiding the appearance of evil only works if you are avoiding the evil as well.
Kudos to Tamy Dayley and Jennifer Decker for voting against this bad change.


JasonBunting said...


You have to be kidding me! ARGH!!!

They are probably being taken out to dinner by the Sinclair people, given free Jazz tickets, etc. etc.

As if Woods Cross needs anything else making it look like an industrial dump.


Chrysanthe said...


We'd love to have your e-mail contact info for our site (since your blog is included in our system). Please drop me a line:


Neighbor Liaison,

Rob said...


Although we disagree from time to time I would like to say that I miss your posts and insights.

WP said...

Since I don't live in Woods Cross I can say I am happy Holly Oil is expanding. I don't yet have a solar powered car. What do you run in your car?

Thad said...

Now there's a good response. "As long as it's not in my back yard, I'm ok with it."
I'll be sure to keep that in mind. The next time somebody wants to build a coal burning electricity generating plant in Centerville, I'll be sure to post about how great that would be.
As far as what I use in my car. There are several alternatives, natural gas, hybrid, etc. to name a couple. Commuter rail will be up and running soon too, but, Centerville won't have a station. Woods Cross had enough fore-sight to make sure we got a station. What things is Centerville doing to help cut down on the use of oil? Roll-back prices?