Friday, September 07, 2007

Competition is bad?

Since when is competition a bad thing? It seems that everybody clamors for competition in all areas except for the education sector. What would happen if the Utah government said that the only hamburger joint in Utah would be Burger King? The citizens wouldn't tolerate it. Yet, when the state government tries to tell parents that they can spend their tax dollars for education where they choose, people freak out.
I personally think that competition can help the public school system improve. Right now, our public school system has major flaws and has little or no incentive to improve. Now what if they have to compete against private schools? Does anybody really think that public schools won't improve because of this?
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Davis Didjeridu said...

How can our public school system compete effectively when it is already underfunded? When we are still struggling to fill teaching positions two weeks into the school year, how can it compete? It has every incentive to improve and continues to improve when given adequate funding, but as the recent drop in AP tests given due to lack of resources for teachers shows, we will see the public school system struggle. Besides, there are so many problems with vouchers, and especially the Utah incarnation, to make it a horrible experiment. Feel free to peruse my blog to find evidence about this. Also look at Utah Amicus or Accountability for other examples.

Thad said...

I hear a lot about large class sizes and not enough teachers or funding. I don't buy it. I still have my class pictures from when I was in Elementary School, and guess what? I had more students in my classes than my kids do today. So why are our class sizes today all of a sudden "way too big"? I think the reason that AP test scores has dropped has more to do with the commitment of several of today's teachers than it does with lack of funding. My kids have had a few exceptional teachers in their Elementary School years, but, I believe that at least 40% of the teachers at my kids' school are there to collect a paycheck and really don't care if the kids learn anything.