Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Questions Sent to Candidates

On June 29th, I sent the following questions to Rob Miller and Bret Millburn. These are the two candidates for Davis County Commission - Seat A. I'll be completely honest, I haven't made up my mind in this race and thought the answers to these questions would help me in that regard. I vow to not post any answers until I receive responses from both candidates as I don't believe that would be fair.

Today I will send these same questions to Louenda Downs and Chris Martinez, the candidates for Davis County Commission - Seat B.

1) What are your feelings on the famous 138 percent proposed tax hike
in 2002? Do you feel that the majority of the public didn't understand
that the 138 percent only applied to the county portion? (See Steve
Rawlings' letter to the editor of the Davis County Clipper, here.)

2) How do you feel about a Davis County Conference Center expansion?

3) How do you plan on funding the operating expenses of the Davis
County Jail expansion?

4) Do you support or oppose cities coming together to create certain
projects such as the South Davis Recreation center?

5) How do you feel about the South Davis Metro Fire Department? What
about them having their own paramedic service?

6) Would you support or oppose a consolidation of the municipal police
departments similar to the South Davis Metro Fire Departments? Who
would you see running such a department? Would you envision it run
similar to the way the SDMFD is run or as a department of the county?

7) Do you think party affiliation is important in this race? Why or why not?

8) What differentiates you from your opponent? In other words, why
should I vote for you instead of him?


Jeremy said...

This is an awsome post and reflects the perfect use of a blog in local politics.

Here's hoping you do a couple of follow up posts with the candidate responses!

Tyler Farrer said...

Great post! I'm linking to it, and thanks Jeremy for pointing it out.

NatGo said...

I would like to ask the candidates if they feel the County Commission should put the community water fluoridation issue back on the ballot. Can you find out? Thanks!

Rob said...

Maybe the question should be, "what do you think Nat?"

Thad, would you give me a call?


NatGo said...

I think community water fluoridation is one of the most valuable public health initiatives since vaccinations. It is cost effective and it works. We've already passed it twice (three times if you live in Centerville), and we've already paid for the infrastructure. I admire Brigham City and their leaders who added fluoride to their water years ago, back when Senator Knudson (an orthodontist) was mayor. So I am hoping for a fluoride-free ballot in 2008. So, what do YOU think, Rob? And Thad, you're living a fluoride free life - what are your thoughts?

Thad said...

I think water flouridation is good when it makes economic sense. In Woods Cross, it is much harder to say it makes economic sense due to the number of wells.
I think Woods Cross should first worry about chlorinated drinking water, before thinking about flouridating. There are far more benefits of chlorinated drinking water.