Monday, August 07, 2006

Paging Mr. Miller

I've received responses now from all the candidates for Davis County Commission except Rob Miller. He's the Democrat in the race for Davis County Commission, Seat A. Today, I sent Mr. Miller another copy of the questions to the two e-mail addresses listed on his website. It appears to me that if you want your questions answered quickly via e-mail, Rob Miller may not be the man for you.


Rob said...

"Paging Mr. Van Ry"

Your questions are ready and waiting, all you need do is call as I have stated twice to you, once on your blog, and then again after receiveing your letter yesterday.

I take my future constituency very seriously and I wanted to have a dialogue not a monologue, but if that's what you want, than that's what you will receive.

I want to take Davis County in a new "bold" direction, a direction where the citizen's of Davis County have a voice instead of the same old, same old, politics as usual. It is my intention to produce solid policies for Davis County through good honest discussions with the residents of Davis County.

Thanks for your time, and for your well thought out questions.

With every best intention,

Thad said...

Sorry I did not call you back when you posted the previous comment on my blog. I found out about your message that you left me at home a day after you left it when my wife said, "Do you have any idea who Rob Miller is?" She was surprised when I said yes.

Todd Weiler said...

Boy, if Mr. Miller is that hard to reach as a candidate, I can only wonder how accessible he would be as an elected official. Last time I checked, it is still pretty easy to hit "reply" to an e-mail.

Darrell said...

You're scared Weiler, and you should be.

Richard Watson said...

Even though Thad apologized to Rob, Todd Weiler felt he had to make a negative comment. Rob could have replied back to Thad with some clever, offhand remark, but his response is an example of how he handles riled comments. In this election year, it appears that the Republicans will depend on the usual negative campaign tactics. With Rob being a viable candidate for the Davis County Commission, it is apparent the Republicans do not want to promote their candidate, but would rather attack Rob because he is a Democrat.
Is this what we can expect from the Republican side for next three months?

Thad said...

I do think that it is important to note that Rob is the ONLY candidate that wanted me to call before answering my questions. Having been in my own campaign previously, I would never have required this of a voter.
Rob stated he did this because he wanted a dialogue, not a monologue. According to my dictionary, a monologue is a conversation monopolized by one person. I don't feel that my asking questions and then posting answers from BOTH candidates, qualifies as a monologue.
Usually a conversation between two people is considered a dialogue. My part of the conversation consisted of asking questions. The candidate's part of the dialogue consisted of stating their positions on the questions asked.

Rob said...

"You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear."