Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I agree with a Democrat

Rob Miller at the Utah Amicus wrote a post yesterday that I agree whole-heartedly with. In one part of it he says, "I do believe that we can once again become united if we will stop focusing on our differences and look more for our similarities."
I really don't think that mainstream Republicans and mainstream Democrats are that far apart in their political views. Sunday, I watched a television show that was talking about the 9-11 attacks and they interviewed Toby Keith. One of the things that he mentioned is that he gets calls from Republicans saying that they are thankful for his support of the troops and that he must be a Republican. He then tells them that he is a life-long Democrat. In listening to his political views, I found myself agreeing with them a lot more then not. I think this is what Rob means when he says we need to look more for our similarities. Would Rob Miller make a great Davis County Commissioner? He probably would, if everyone focused on similarities and the good in people, instead of the differences.


WP said...

I support Rob Miller because I perceive he is more qualified than his opponent, my personal opinion, and I support him because we really need dialogue and discourse in our representative government which we don't have. Essentially, our government officials are "elected" in the party conventions and meetings, much like the old Soviet system or the current system in Mexico. Please see my post from an LDS General Authority point of view: http://centervillecitizen.blogspot.com/

Natalie said...

As a lifelong Republican, I support Rob because, simply, I believe he is the best candidate. You go, Rob!