Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogger as a journalist?

I'm in Virginia this week, and on the plane ride here I was reading "Wild Card" by Jennie Hansen. I've enjoyed reading it. There is one page in it that has a couple of great quotes.
"Narrow-minded individuals tend to feel they're being attacked when a difference of opinion is stated with a great deal of bluntness."
Another great quote from the same page is, "Journalism is all about finding the truth and stating it with boldness. Newspapers that only reflect popular opinions, that shy away from pointing out wrongs and sidestep important issues are only good for wrapping yesterday's garbage."
I think different people would get completely different things from these two quotes. To me, it seems to be popular right now to criticize the war and the President. That seems to be what the national news outlets picked up on from the recent visit to Utah by the President. I had to read the Deseret Morning News accounts to know that there was lots of support for President Bush when he visited Utah.

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Allie said...

Over the weekend, my brother in law said something about President Bush being "almost prophet-like" lately.

Now THAT'S scary!

I personally, don't see anything wrong with criticizing president bush or the war. Some people don't agree with him or his reasons (what is the reason now, I can't keep up) for war. If people just sat back and kept their mouths shut when they disagreed with the government, we'd still be a colony of England.

It's easy to dismiss other people's point of view if you can lump them together as a bunch of lemmings who are trying to do what's popular isn't it.