Friday, June 29, 2007

Cold on the West Coast

If you thought that California is supposed to be warm, think again. This week I've been in San Francisco and it hasn't been warm. I've had to wear a jacket when I've been out walking about. Today the high is supposed to be 62 degrees. So if you plan a trip to San Francisco, make sure you pack a jacket.


Davis Didjeridu said...

So true. I was there in August 2005 and mostly packed shorts, but I was glad I had a couple pair of pants. I didn't bring any jackets, though. Damned bayside weather.

Anonymous said...

I'm San Franciscan, born and bred. SF almost always has temps in the 60s and 70s. It's usually windy and has at least morning and evening fog. I now live in Sacramento and our temp on the Forth of July was 108 degrees.

California summers are hot, even 10 miles or so inland, but very temperate along the central and north coast so always bring long pants and a jacket if you plan to visit that part of the state.