Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Six file for City Council Seats

Six people have filed for the three City Council seats that are up for election this year. I have listed the people who have filed as well as my thoughts on each of them.

Rick Earnshaw - Currently on the City Council, running for re-election. He has been on the City Council for, I think, 14 years. He recently voted to amend the general plan to allow the Sinclair Oil expansion. Maybe it's time for him to step aside and let someone else take their turn at being on the council.

Jill Hadley Evans - Jill grew up in Woods Cross and until a few years ago was a single mom. She is now married and her husband, Marc, is (according to the City website) employed by Woods Cross City. Definitely a conflict of interest brewing there. If she gets elected, don't be surprised to see the parks department get a little extra attention.

Cory Green - Lives on the west-side of the city (the fastest growing area of the city). He is concerned by recent Council decisions such as the modification of the General Plan to allow the Sinclair Oil expansion. Would definitely provide a fresh look on things as he is not currently involved in City politics.

David C. Hill - A long-time, respected resident of the City. He is currently the chairman of the Planning Commission. I served on the Planning Commission with him and always respected the decisions he made. He always seemed to study out the issues and vote the way that he felt was best for the city and it's residents.

Gary A. Sharp - Also a long-time, respected resident of the City. I'm not currently aware of what he would see as important issues in the campaign.

Ryan Westergard - Like Mr. Green, he also lives on the west-side of the city. He is a current member of the planning commission and in his position there has always spoken against expanding heavy industrial areas of the city. He has kept others aware of the direction former members of the City Council wanted the city to take by approving so many houses and neighborhoods on the west side. He would provide a fresh look on many issues. Also, having the insight of being on the Planning Commission would help him with making decisions if elected. I went from being on the Planning Commission to being elected to the City Council and I know that the experience from the Planning Commission was beneficial to me as a council member.

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Ann said...

What? No one said anything about this posting? I can't believe it!

Thanks for taking the time to point out a few facts as the time draws near to make our selection for City Council memebers.

Ann Richardson

PS My excuse for not commenting is that I just found your site. Does that pass muster as far as excuses go?