Monday, February 25, 2008

Be Positive!

One of the cultural beliefs of the department that I work in is titled "Be Positive." It goes on to say, "I contribute to a positive and optimistic work environment."

An article in Saturday's LDS Church News (see here, subscription and login required) made me think about this cultural belief in relation to my blog posts. Am I truly contributing to a positive on-line environment? The article says, "In this society, with its newfound high tech forms of media, there seems to be a new license to blast away at will, especially anonymously. Certainly authors of angry comments on the Internet can't be as hateful as they sound. Can they? Or are they more childish than children?"

I'm going to try and take this issue to heart and be more positive in my posts. A wise rabbit once said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

1 comment:

WP said...

Too narrow and restricting, If a rabbit plays poker he must announce occasionally when spade is a spade to the chagrin of his peers. So it is with life.

Here's an an instance from our history if a few good people had spoken out about the Mountain Meadows
Massacre, it would not have happened and thousands would be alive today. Too easy to withdraw in the laddie dah world where everything is sweet and light.