Thursday, February 07, 2008

Why do I blog?

A conversation with a friend of mine got me thinking about the question of "Why do I blog?" I thought I would post some of my thoughts as to why I write on this blog.

I post information to this blog that I find interesting. I try to write this blog as if I were talking to friends. I know from watching my logs that I don't have a huge following. That's not why I do it. I also want to make note of the fact that I gain nothing monetarily by having this blog. So far I have spent about $25 to run this blog. That is direct money that I have paid out of my pocket.

So why do I do this? I do it mostly to have a record of my thoughts. I kind of think of it as my own on-line journal.

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Joe & Melly Craven said...

Couldn't agree with you more. It's the only form of journaling I've ever stuck with for any length of time. I think it will be fun for myself as well as my family to look back on, in the future. And if not, oh well, it kept me off the streets and from becomming a crack dealer. :)