Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't Harbor Ill Feelings

Reading a post by Mike Ridgway (see March 18th, 2008, here) made me think of a great talk by President Thomas S. Monson. (see here) President Monson talks about harboring ill feelings toward others. He says, "There are hidden wedges in the lives of many whom we know—yes, perhaps in our own families."

In typical President Monson fashion, he tells a couple of stories to make his point. He then says, "Sometimes we can take offense so easily. On other occasions we are too stubborn to accept a sincere apology. Who will subordinate ego, pride, and hurt—then step forward with “I am truly sorry! Let’s be as we once were: friends. Let’s not pass to future generations the grievances, the anger of our time”? Let’s remove any hidden wedges that can do nothing but destroy."

I know very little about Mike Ridgway or Mark Towner, save what I have read in the press. I do, however, know that in my own life I've had to take a step back many times and realize that I was harboring ill feelings toward another. I know my life has gone a lot better when I have gotten rid of those ill feelings.

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Mike Ridgway said...

Sunday, January, 18, 2009

Dear Brother Ry:

It's good to forgive people in situations where one-on-one offenses have occurred and where the party who committed the offense feels some remorse and tries to make amends.

But what about cases where just the opposite is true? Where the offense is very public, where there is no sense of remorse whatsoever on the part of the wrong doer? And where that individual is running for public office? What are your obligations in such a situation?

I know the answer to these questions. I fear that you do not.

Let's talk sometime.

Mike Ridgway

P.S. Thankfully, Dr./Bro. Joe Jarvis was soundly defeated in his bid to join other corrupt Republicans such as Curt Bramble in the Utah Senate. And thankfully, Senator Bramble and Senator Valentine, just after the elections, were defeated in their bids for re-election to Senate leadership positions.

I thank Providence that I may have been an instrument in His hands in helping to bring about these most worthy and beneficial accomplishments.

I'm just curious: What have you done lately to "bring to light the hidden works of darkness wherein we know them?"

You know that in your religion, that that's a commandment, right?

I'm sure you didn't.

Hey, remember that quote from Jesus Christ about the children of darkness being wiser in their generation than the children of light?

On that theme, there's a really great video clip by Dr. Laura that you and the other enablers in Utah should take a look at sometime.

She's talking about when it's appropriate to forgive people for the bad, bad things that they do--AND WHEN IT MAY NOT BE.

She's not Mormon. But, unlike you who, apparently, like to remind everyone that you are, she is right.

P.P.S. My life is still being destroyed by Bro. Jarvis' refusal to tell the truth about the abuse that I have been subjected to by Mark Towner and his wife Carrie through their perjurious performances in Utah's courts. Is that of no concern to you at all? Have you already forgiven Bro. Jarvis on my behalf?

Vicarious forgiveness. Another doctrine that Dr. Laura rejects as a "mass of confusion."

Then again, she's not Mormon, so I guess it stands to reason.

P.P.P.S. And yes, I'm Mormon, in case you're beginning to doubt.