Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mayor Parry Wants My (and Your) Help!

I received an e-mail yesterday from Mayor Kent Parry. He is soliciting help for his campaign for the Utah State Senate. The e-mail says, in part:
"Senator Eastman has decided to not run for re-election and I feel that now is a great opportunity for me. I feel that I will be able to represent and meet the needs of the residents of the south Davis County due to my experience as a mayor.

I am asking for help from any of you that would be willing to help me with this endeavor. The primary need I have right now is to try to secure delegates to the Republican Party's County Convention, to be held on April 12th. Delegates will be selected at party caucus meetings to be held Tuesday the 25th of March at 7:00 p.m. (all Woods Cross districts meet at the elementary school). If you are willing to run as a delegate in support of me that would be great. I also need help in securing delegates throughout the rest of Senate District 23 (all of West Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Bountiful, and all but the far north of Centerville). If you know of people who would run to be delegates in other areas who would support me, that would be great."

I have known Kent Parry on a personal level since I moved into my current house almost 10 years ago. I believe he would do a great job as a state senator. If any of you are willing to help him in his campaign for the Utah State Senate, call his cell phone at 277-3630.

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