Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Republican Primary is History

I voted in the Republican Primary yesterday. I was glad to wake up today and see that Dan Liljenquist had defeated Ron Mortensen. I haven't put my reasons on this blog for not supporting Ron Mortensen. I've always felt like Ron Mortensen would not be responsive to his constituents, and, that he wanted to be in the Senate to push his own agenda. This was confirmed to me by the lack of any response to my e-mails to him. If he won't be responsive to e-mails before the election, how responsive will he be after he's in office?

I had Ron contact me a few times concerning the South Davis Recreation Center when I was a member of the Woods Cross City Council. When he would talk to me, he always seemed to want to be confrontational with those who did not agree with his views. I have found that in politics you need to work at making friends and building a consensus rather than making people upset with you. I couldn't see Ron's methods working very well in the Utah State Senate. The people who vote against your stance today will be the same people you'll need voting with your position tomorrow.


George and WP said...

Me too Thad. My thoughts exactly. Of course in November I will have a better selection of candidates to choose and vote for.

What do you think about Chaffitz? I read he was Michael Dukakis campaign chair for Utah. now he seems to be further to the right and more ethnically challenged than Ghengis Khan.

Happy anniversary too!

Thad said...

I think that anyone can change. Jason Chaffetz has converted to the LDS Church since he worked on the Dukakis campaign as well, so I'd suspect he's changed in quite a few ways.