Monday, June 16, 2008

Would I be as involved?

Yesterday my wife asked me an intriguing question. She asked me if we were to move away from the South Davis area, would I be as interested or involved in politics as I am? Since she asked me, I've been mulling it over in the back of my mind. (That's what techie types do. We work on a solution to an issue in the back of our mind.)

Would I be as involved in local politics if I were to move away from the South Davis County area? I probably wouldn't. One of the reasons that I am so involved and interested in politics in the South Davis area is that I have a historical love for the area. I was raised in Woods Cross. I remember walking down 800 West as a kid to buy candy and a soda at Irv's Market. Call it nostalgic, but, I love Woods Cross because so much of my life has been lived here. So would I have that same vested interest in a place that I wasn't raised in? Probably not. I'd probably end up being like the majority of residents and not really care or know what my city officials were doing.

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The Lady Logician said...

Thad...if I may be so bold....

I just (last week) moved here from Minnesota. In Minnesota, I was heavily involved in politics. I worked on several local and national campaigns and I was even on the County Republican Party executive committee. When I was preparing to move here I thought "I'll take a break from politics when I get to Utah. I don't know anyone there or the candidates etc and it's not 'home" (not that MN was where I grew up but I digress). I was not here a week when I was going through withdrawals and contacting the state and local party to get plugged in.

It's about making where you live today a better place for your children and that is why I will be very much involved in politics here in Utah.