Monday, July 07, 2008

Anything to avoid putting your family through heck.

There is a post at the Utah Amicus (see here) that references the resignation of Mark Walker from the state legislature.

I can fully understand the actions of Mr. Walker. Nobody can realize the affects this can have on a person as well as on their family members unless they have personally gone through a similar situation themselves. I can tell you that when accusations are made it affects those whom you love sometimes more than it affects the person being accused.

Would Rob at Utah Amicus have appreciated similar things said about him? Remember, in this country, we believe in being innocent until proven guilty. If Mr. Walker truly did something wrong, it will be tried in a court of law. Until he is proven guilty, maybe we should cut him some slack. I'd hope for the same thing even if he was a Democrat.


Rob said...

You wouldn't believe the things that have been said about me Thad and I'm not running away.

When I ran for Davis County Commission there was a guy who came to one of the debates with a file that contained a traffic ticket that did belong to me and my mother's divorce from my father mixed in with documents (none of which belonged to me) that included an annulment from a woman named Elizabeth, as well as several failed home loans that belonged to a "Robert Miller" but not this Rob Miller.

Not only did this man pass his file of lies around the room he also succeeded in scaring my wife and kids.

I do have compassion for Mr. Walker's family Thad, but don't think for a moment that he isn't using his family as a shield and a diversion to promote an emotional response, like yours, to flee accountability.

This ethics investigation wasn't made up, it was the real deal, and one would think that a innocent man would stand up and fight.

I respect your support for Walker, but I also understand that your post is based on emotion whereas my is based on first hand information and facts.

When Mark Walker resigned he avoided any accountability to his constituents and his office and I stand by my statement on my blog.

Thad said...

He is accused of committing a Class B misdemeanor, Rob. Have you ever been accused of committing a Class B misdemeanor? I have. My post is not based on emotion, it is based on me having also been accused of election fraud. No charges were ever filed in my case because the accusations were false.

If no charges are filed in Mr. Walker's case, are you willing to offer an apology? I doubt it. I'll bet you'll go on about how the Republican party must have a real strong hold on Utah. Keep in mind, I'd feel exactly the same way if this were happening to a democrat.

Remember, innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Walker has not been proven guilty.

Rob said...

Thad, If no charges are filed it doesn't mean that a crime wasn't committed.

If Walker is exonerated after a thorough investigation I will be happy to congratulate him, but I can't apologize for believing that he should have gone forward with the ethics investigation.

This really isn't as partisan as you think Thad. Please remember that it was a bi-partisan group that went forward with this complaint and one shouldn't assume that I'm jumping up and down because a Republican is under fire.

One positive that has come from this episode is that Republicans and Democrats came together to do what they felt was right.

I appreciate your statements Thad, and I thank you for your opinion.