Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jill Ekstrom Sentenced

I've posted twice previously (see here and here) about Jill Ekstrom's legal troubles. Jill was sentenced yesterday for stealing adoption records from the Davis County Courthouse. She is to server 18 months on probation. She was also ordered to pay a $540 fine and $850 in restitution to the Davis County Sheriff's office.

The worst thing about this case is that it makes those who want to find out information about their birth parents look like crazy, nut jobs.


Blog about Jjill said...

Thad and others, those without sin cast the first stone. I did not take the films. I purchased the name through Sharlene Lightfoot as you did
They stole a mans identity and didnt tell him, had me find his birth mom tell her that she was going to get to meet her child and then said oops.
They have no fingerprints, no photos, no evidence. Public defenders only give you 4 minutes said a trial could take years. My children have been threatened at school. I have evidence that they conducted it poorly. My brother raped my daughter as we were leaving the court house with a protective order my brother the rapist told them I stole film.
So they came after me and didnt put the rapist in jail that said he did it. How easy is it to judge without seeing all the evidence?
If you go to this link amy tells the story better then I can

antiadoption said...

She tells her own truth, on her blog now, take a look..


She did not steal the films. Sharlene Lightfoot is the one that did that. God only knows how long those films have been gone. Jill's fingerprints were not found in that room. There are other issues that need a serious looking into.

Now lets look at the reason why these records are sealed to begin with. NCFA fights all of us to keep them sealed. LDS Family/Social Services are members of this organization. Hmm that would lead me to believe that they had a part in this little charade as well. There have been others who have been arrested for helping adoptees and mothers find each other. They don't want the secrets in those files to ever be released. That is why Jill was targeted. Trust me this woman is not insane. What they have done to her was insane.