Saturday, October 25, 2008

California's Proposition 8 IS a moral issue.

The big argument in California against Proposition 8 seems to be "It's not a moral issue, it's a civil issue." Yesterday I read an interesting argument against Proposition 8. In the argument, the author is trying to refute the claim that adoption agencies will be forced to adopt babies to same-sex couples. He uses an interesting comment. He says, "California already has on its books (and has for several years) laws granting domestic partners (homosexual and heterosexual) the same civil rights as married couples."

If "domestic partners" have the same civil rights in California, than why the big buzz about Proposition 8 taking away civil rights from homosexual couples? It seems to me (due to the comment above) that Proposition 8 is definitely a moral issue and not a civil issue at all.


Gene said...

Domestic partners do not have the same set of rights as married couples in California.


That clear it up?

Thad said...

That clear it up? Nope.

First, I didn't say that quote, it came from Morris Thurston who wrote it for the Human Rights Campaign. In case you don't know, HRC is campaigning against Proposition 8. You can see it here.

Second, he uses it as an argument against "adoption agencies will be forced to adopt babies to same-sex couples." Either it can be used as an argument to that consequence, or what you say is true. It can't be both ways.

Anonymous said...

Being forced to adopt babies to same sex couples and being forced to allow same sex couples the legal right to adopt is two totally different situaions. BTW, anyone who has grown up in foster homes due to the lack of adopting "families" would probably be up for a usually more well to do, happy home. Until gay couples can marry, they will never gain the same rights as everyone else.