Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mean spirited?

I've posted previously about Jill Ekstrom pleading no-contest to charges of stealing adoption records. (See here.) Jill now has her own blog where she tries to give her side of the story. In one of her posts, she says, "if your posts are mean spirited towards me, if they are nothing more then you trying to slam me because you have not read all the posts I WILL reject them." (See here.) I tried posting a comment to one of her previous posts and it got regected. 

I'll post my comment here so that you can decide for yourself if it was mean spirited. I'm one who always believes there are two sides to every story. Here's the comment that I posted:

"Something doesn't sound quite right with this whole story. You claim you used Sharlene Lightfoot. However, you never made this claim publicly until after Sharlene Lightfoot passed away in April, 2008. I know from personal experience that Sharlene provided a paper trail that could have easily been used as evidence for exoneration. Just looking at this from the outside, it seems that a fairly easy defense could have been made.

If it had been my name and reputation on the line, I would have done all within my power to prove my innocence. Even most homeowners and renters insurance policies provide for some legal defense costs."

Now I'm not saying that Jill took the records. She is the one who plead no-contest. She claims she did that because a public defender only spent five minutes with her and told her a trial could take two years. She says now that she is wanting to appeal the decision. A wise friend once told me that it's a lot easier to catch the horse before it leaves the barn.

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