Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do you want a waste transfer site in your backyard?

The following quote is from the minutes of the March 7th, 2006, Woods Cross City Council meeting. It is talking about Council Member Rick Earnshaw who represents the city on the Board of Directors of the Wasatch Integrated Waste District.
"He then discussed with the City Council the possibility of locating a waste transfer site within the boundaries of Woods Cross City. He noted that there had been long term negotiations with Centerville City which is more centrally located in South Davis County for the transfer station but they had been unable to find a site that was agreeable to all."
"The city staff said that they would look at the land available in Woods Cross that would be appropriate for a waste transfer station and report back to the City Council at a future meeting."
So how would you like to have a waste transfer facility located in Woods Cross? I personally wouldn't want one near my house. There is an interesting page on the US EPA website that talks about waste transfer stations. The page is at One interesting quote from the page states, "Although waste transfer stations help reduce the impacts of trucks traveling to and from the disposal site, they can cause an increase in traffic in the immediate area where they are located. If not properly sited, designed and operated they can cause problems for residents living near them."
I think the idea would be to try and have a waste transfer station located near the railroad tracks. With the amount of residential growth recently put near the railroad tracks in Woods Cross, I think it would be hard to find a site that would not cause problems for residents living near it. Also, don't we already have enough large truck traffic in our city with all of the refineries in our area? I encourage you to call the city council members and let them know how you feel about this issue. I provided phone numbers in a previous post.

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