Monday, April 17, 2006

Expanding SL Airport #2 makes sense.

An article in Today's Salt Lake Tribune, (hat tip Utah Policy Daily) talks about expanding the runway at Salt Lake Airport No. 2.
A similar proposal was made about the Skypark Airport runway in Woods Cross when I was on the City Council. The proposal for Salt Lake Airport makes much more sense then the proposal for Skypark did. A few reasons are, surrounding roads in West Jordan would not need to be re-routed to accommodate the expansion, homes are not located within 100 feet of the current or expanded runway, and there is an area around Airport No. 2 that is better suited for commercial development.
Expanding the runway at Skypark didn't and still doesn't make sense. Doing the same thing at Salt Lake Airport No. 2 does make sense and has less impact on the surrounding area.

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