Monday, November 26, 2007

Is it too early for Christmas Hymns?

The Christmas season officially kicked off on Friday, except at my church. I attended my church, as I usually do, on Sunday and we sang one Christmas song in three hours of meetings. What I found very interesting about this is that one of the footnotes of our Priesthood lesson on Sunday said, "Just as hymns are essential to Sabbath and family worship, so are hymns and carols to Christmas."

Is it too early to begin singing Christmas hymns in November? Do we have to actually be in the month of December to sing Christmas hymns? If that were the theory, then one would think we would sing patriotic hymns the whole month of July, but, we usually sing patriotic hymns only if Independence Day falls on a Sunday.

The commercial side of Christmas begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Why shouldn't the spiritual side of Christmas begin on the Sunday after Thanksgiving with singing Christmas hymns in church? Did you sing Christmas hymns in your ward on Sunday? If so, are there nice homes for sale in your ward boundaries?

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Sheldon S. Smith said...

Christmas hymns should be sung in church but it is more important that Christmas be celebrated by worshiping on Christmas...not only if it falls on a Sunday. Whatever the day of the week it is, all Christian religions celebrate Christmas, that is the fundamental basis of Christian religions is it not? The Christ needs to be put in Christmas... even if it falls on a Tuesday.