Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newscast or hour-long commercial?

I watched Fox 13 News at Nine the other night and got the feeling that it was an hour-long commercial instead of a newscast. It seemed like the anchors were giving teasers to stories for most of the program and then telling viewers, "To see more on this story visit our website, MyFoxUtah and enter the keywords..." This happened with at least the first five stories on the newscast that night. It was really annoying.

So what should a newscast use their website for? In my opinion, they should use their website for extra information that can't fit in the newscast. For example, they do an interview of someone and then have to edit that interview down to fit in a 3 - 4 minute piece. They could easily have the full interview on the website. Or they have a poll done and then in the newscast, give the highlights of the poll and then have the full results of the poll on the website. It lessens the value of the newscast though to just have it be a teaser for the website.

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