Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Woods Cross could learn a lot from West Valley City

I was recently looking at West Valley City's re-designed web site. I was quite impressed by it. You may look at the first page and think "That's not much better than what Woods Cross has." I thought the same thing when just looking at the front page, but, then I dug deeper. One place where their web site leaves Woods Cross City's in the dust is in their City Council Agendas and Minutes page. If you click on one of the dates at that page, it has a "Supporting Documents" area. This is great stuff! It gives the public more information than just an agenda item.

Another thing that is great about West Valley's web site that I've previously mentioned wanting to see Woods Cross do, is West Valley posts their budget online for the residents to see. Why doesn't Woods Cross post the budget for all to see? It makes you wonder if there is something they are wanting to hide. E-mail your mayor and city council members and let them know you want to see the budget posted on the web site.

These are two great things that West Valley has done with their web site. Woods Cross could serve our citizens much better by doing similar things with our web site.


Troy Bowman said...

And Woods Cross could start by getting off the .com top-level domain and moving to or .gov. It's a pet-peeve of mine when government websites have commercial domain names.

Thad said...

I actually prefer them to leave it at .com. After all, being realistic, how many of the average citizens think "This is a government entity, I better go to" If that were truly the case then wouldn't have gotten nearly as many accidental visitors as it has. If you are going to have a pet peeve about all government entities on .gov or .us, why stop there? Get .com back to what it was originally designed for, only commercial entities. Better get rid of as well as as well as (that should be .net) as well as...