Friday, January 11, 2008

Or maybe we're an Ostrich?

I've been thinking more about election security recently. This thinking has been prompted by recent articles and editorials. A recent editorial in the Standard Examiner (see here) quotes Joe Demma, chief of staff for Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert, as saying Utah's experience with touch-screen voting has seen 100 percent success. Our state, Demma says, has complete confidence in the touch-screen system. "It's just that other states don't know how to run elections like Utah does." Is this true? Are all the other states that are seeing problems with the Diebold machines stupid? Are the researchers at Princeton University who did a study (see here) pointing out the faults of the Diebold machines stupid?

The Standard Examiner's editorial also points out that it would be interesting to see if a disinterested third-party audit would find problems with the Utah election machines.

So maybe Utah election workers and machines really are that good, or maybe we just have our head stuck in the sand and we don't know any better.

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