Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Farewell to a Mentor

In a post on this blog (see here) over two years ago, I posted about how I liked the Centerville Citizen blog. At that time, the blog was run by a different person than the most recent person, WP. I mentioned at that time that I liked how the Centerville Citizen blog was run. It had posts that were relevant to Centerville and stuck mostly to local issues. After WP took over the blog, the posts focused more on national issues and not as much on the local issues. Now, WP has decided to shutter the blog entirely. It's too bad that WP couldn't find another Centerville Citizen who wanted to take the blog over and return it to it's former glory days. Farewell Centerville Citizen!

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George said...

The original CC is now on an LDS mission and we stay in regular contact via mail. He also was employed by me for the six months prior to his call. I used to be his bishop as well.

I would not be opposed to someone in Centerville bringing it back to its "glory days", but why not be original and start something new? Maybe there is someone already and we don't know about it.