Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kudos to WX City Manager

An article in today's Deseret News (see here) talks about the "quiet zone" that is being established for the trains in the Northern Utah area. The article mentions that the effort to get quiet zones instituted in the commuter rail area was organized by Woods Cross City Manager, Gary Uresk. I know that there were many complaints from citizens about the train horns during my term on the council. Gary knew that there was a need for something to be done and made the effort to see that UTA implemented the needed changes at the street crossings to be able to pursue a quiet zone.This is no small accomplishment. I'm sure Gary had to work many hours with many different entities to accomplish this. The quality of life for many people will improve because of Gary's actions. Kudos to Gary Uresk for taking the initiative to get this implemented.

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Mack said...

Having had experience with Union Pacific and the federal agencies that regulate the railroads, I can attest that getting the quiet zone approved was no small task.

While I'd dispute his (or anyone's) assertions about engineer's indiscriminately 'laying on the horn' (the sounding length and patterns are federally regulated and are actually tracked remotely), he absolutely deserves the gratitude of residents throughout Davis County.