Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of My Fears Came True

On August 21, 2007 the Woods Cross City Council held a public hearing about the curbside recycling program. During that meeting, they also presented the 2007 Mayor's Beautification Awards. I remember commenting that the first windy day when the recycling cans are emptied, the city won't be as beautiful anymore because newspapers will be blowing around. That snide remark somehow didn't make it into the minutes of the meeting. (See the minutes at this link.)

Today is a very windy day and it also happens to be the first day that my recycling can was emptied. Wind gusts today have been up to 35 MPH. Driving around my neighborhood I see lots of garbage that has been blown about. There are newspapers, milk jugs, and other such items that I'm fairly certain came out of the recycling cans. This part of the city is definitely not going to win any beautification awards today.

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