Thursday, September 18, 2008

Answers - Question 11

This is the 11th in a series of questions posed to the candidates in the State Senate District 23 race. To see the previous questions in this series, please go to

11) What are your reasons for running for State Senate?

Republican - Dan Liljenquist:

I am running for the Utah State Senate because I believe I can effectively represent the citizens of South Davis County.

First, I believe in the principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets – I share these beliefs with a majority of the citizens of Senate District 23.

Second, I have the necessary career flexibility to devote the time required.

Finally, I try to follow the advice of Theodore Roosevelt to “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. I am determined to do my part and participate in the political process.

Democrat - Richard Watson:

Public education has to be funded better than it has been. We always hear that our schools are doing well with the money they receive. Yes, it is true that Utah has good schools and great teachers. But why should we settle for good when we could have the best schools?

Also, we have to address the issue of taxes in Utah and the effect it has on hard, working families. We always hear politicians promising tax cuts, but once elected, they cut some taxes and shift the burden to others.

These two concerns as well as other problems facing Utahns, would be easier to tackle if we had a more open government with tougher ethics rules. Imagine if we knew everything that our legislators were doing on Capitol Hill, then we would have a government for the people and by the people. Furthermore, as a state senator, I will not be part of the legislative leadership and I will stand up to the bullying tactics that they commonly impose on other legislators.

The voters of South Davis want their government back. They want to change the existing attitude among lawmakers that legislators know more than they do. I want voters to know that the residents of South Davis will be my employers and I will work for them.


George and WP said...

I heard a roomer that Dan is too injured, and I am sorry for his pain, to take his place in the Utah House when he is elected. He will resign and the R's will appoint his replacement. Why not ask Dan that question Thad?

Thad said...

I have several thoughts about your comment to this post.
1) It's spelled rumor.
2) It's the Utah Senate District 23 seat that Richard Watson and Dan Liljenquist are running for, not the Utah House.
3) If he wanted to, Dan could get a Doctor's note right now saying he is to ill to fill the seat and the Republicans could choose another candidate before the election.
4) My questions were sent to the candidates on May 23, 2008. See my post here. This was months before the tragic plane crash that Dan survived.
5) I haven't heard the rumor and I don't believe the rumor so I don't have a concern with it. Why don't you send an e-mail to Dan to ask him the question yourself?

I've actually met with both candidates. I even had lunch (which I quite enjoyed) with Richard Watson, the Democrat in the race. What have you done to try and decide who you want to represent you in the Utah Senate?

George and WP said...

You seem a bit upset over this Thad, why?

Tell you what, if Dan does not resign his seat after the election I will treat you to lunch at your favorite place.

If you are not a betting person or this wager repulses you in some way I will donate the price of a good lunch to Kiva, the micro loan enterprise, in your name.

Thad said...

I'm not upset, George. I'll take your challenge. (I'll call it a challenge, not a bet.) If he wins the election in November and does resign his seat, I'll treat you to lunch. (As long as your lunch doesn't go over $15.)

I fail to see what the advantage is to the Republican Party to have him go through the election and then resign. If they wanted to choose someone else they could easily do it before the election.

Again, I ask though, what have you done (besides read a very nice blog) to decide who you want to represent you in the Utah Senate?

Cliff said...

You watch. If Dan is elected, they will appoint Sheryl Allen to take his seat.

How injured IS Dan?