Thursday, September 04, 2008

Answers - Question 7

This is the seventh in a series of questions posed to the candidates in the State Senate District 23 race. To see the previous questions in this series, please go to

7) What are your feelings about the federal government mandating states to follow certain criteria, such as they did with NCLB? What about the Utah Legislature mandating cities to follow certain criteria such as has been done with entities like UTOPIA?

Republican - Dan Liljenquist:

I am not familiar with the criteria that the Utah Legislature has passed regarding UTOPIA. My problem with NCLB is that the Federal Government is holding our own money over our heads.

Democrat - Richard Watson:

Again, big government hovering over local municipal government is taking away the power and confidence of the people. Also, Utah lawmakers have a bad habit of mandating and legislating cities to comply with new laws, but fail to properly fund most mandates. The problems we see with UTOPIA only emphasize the problem our Legislature has with funding programs that they mandate.

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