Thursday, September 25, 2008

Answers - Question 13

This is the last in a series of questions posed to the candidates in the State Senate District 23 race. To see the previous questions in this series, please go to

Before getting to the answers to this last question, I would like to sincerely thank both Dan Liljenquist and Richard Watson for taking the time to answer my questions. I have personally met with both candidates and have been impressed with both of them. I know that if you have questions of your own that you'd like answered by either of these candidates, they will be responsive. Give them a call or send them an e-mail.

13) What makes you the best candidate? In other words, why should someone vote for you over one of the other candidates for this seat?

Republican - Dan Liljenquist:

I believe I am the best candidate for Senate District 23 for a few reasons:

First, I am a committed Republican and I believe in the principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets – I share these beliefs with a majority of the citizens of Senate District 23.

Second, as a Republican Senator, I will be able to better deliver results for the people of South Davis County as a member of the majority party.

Third, I have the necessary experience and training to be effective. I am the President & COO of Focus Services, LLC, a contact center company based in Roy, Utah. Focus has over 1,200 employees and handles inbound and outbound telephone calls for several Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Focus, I worked as a Director of operational strategy for Affiliated Computer Services and as a Strategy Consultant for Bain & Company in Dallas, Texas. I received a BA in Economics magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School. While I do not practice law, I am a member of the Utah State Bar Association. I believe in furthering Republican ideals through public service. I worked as a volunteer for two years with the Institute for Justice helping low income entrepreneurs in south Chicago pursue their dreams of business ownership. I also served as a Legislative Intern with US Senator Robert Bennett in Washington, DC.

Finally, and most importantly, I have a very supportive and loving wife, Brooke. We have been married for nearly 10 years and have five beautiful children – Jacob, Grace, Nathan, Joshua and Benjamin. My wife and children keep me grounded, balanced and happy.

Democrat - Richard Watson:

As stated [in a previous answer], I will not be obligated in serving the legislative leadership. Instead I will serve the people of South Davis. After writing columns in the Clipper for the past three years, I have come to appreciate the different view points within our community. I am amazed at how so many of us have similar concerns and worries about our quality of life in South Davis. And so many of us not only care about our families, but there is a genuine concern for helping our neighbors. The people in South Davis truly are great people and it will be a pleasure to represent the people of Senate District 23. Now is the time to change the "business-as-usual" type of government and give it back to the people. Change means that we are Moving Forward.

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Jared said...

Thanks for putting this together, Thad. I was looking for a source of information about the candidates in Senate District 23 and what they stand for, and your blog answered the mail.

It's disappointing that Jorgina Hancock didn't respond -- it's rather hard to vote for someone when you don't know what they think about things. Maybe that's one reason that incumbents have an easy time getting elected: "better the devil we know than the devil we don't", and all that.

(I don't mean to imply that our candidates are the devil. :)

I consider effort like you put into this blog invaluable services. Thanks again.