Monday, August 18, 2003

Now my thoughts on the upcoming election. The primary election will be held on October 7th. Because eleven people filed for three open seats, the primary election will have to eliminate five candidates.
The candidates (again in no particular order):
Troy C. Gottfredson - As I mentioned yesterday, I imagine that he will receive a lot of support from those involved with the Skypark Airport.
Catherine Larrabee - She is the mayor's sister-in-law. Not sure what made her interested in running.
Rick Nuttall - I don't know him. A quick lookup in the on-line phone directory only lists his phone number and Woods Cross.
James Martin - Again, I don't know him. He lives in the South West quadrant of the city.
Tamara Dayley - As I have mentioned in a previous post, she seems to have lost quite a bit of support in the city.
Randen Funk - Lives in the Argyle Acres subdivision. Seems genuinely interested in giving it a good shot.
Donald D. Moore Jr. - As I mentioned previously, Don is well liked and has served previously on the City Council.
Rick Earnshaw - Well liked and long-time community member.
Lisa S. Schloemer - Heavily involved in the community council as well as WX Elementary PTA.
Leo C. Beecher - Long-time resident of the city. Seems to be well liked among many residents.
George Wiggins - I don't know him. A quick lookup in the on-line phone directory doesn't list a George Wiggins living in Woods Cross.

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