Thursday, August 14, 2003

So there are two days left to file for the municipal elections. I was told last night that eight people have filed. This means that there will be a primary election held on Oct. 7th. It should be an interesting race as I've heard names of people who have filed who are very capable. I will make more comments about this after the filing deadline has past.
On the UtahPolicy weblog last Thursday, there is a great post about how eliminating the Republican Party Primary in Utah could alienate Republicans. I agree with this post. The purpose of the party is supposed to be to get Republicans elected. If you alienate fellow Republicans, you are not going to get Republicans elected.
In the tech world, the biggest news this week is the Blaster worm. It's ironic to me that with the Department of Homeland Security making such a big deal about patching Microsoft Windows machines, and yet this worm still caused so many problems. One thing that I think contributed to this, is the fact that Microsoft issues so many security patches. I believe that it is kind of like the boy who cried wolf. People hear so many times that it is vital that they patch their system and then nothing happens. This time they didn't patch and it hit them. I've heard of at least 15 people who had this worm hit their home computers.

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