Thursday, August 07, 2003

This is the start of my blog. I decided to get in on the craze that appears to be spreading like wildfire.

A little about me:
I work as a Network Administrator for a Microbiological Laboratory. I have over 7 years experience with Novell NetWare and over 4 years experience with Linux (various distros).
Recently, I had the opportunity to get training on the Solaris Operating Environment. I jumped at the chance and my company paid for me to attend SA-239 - System Administration for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment at Information Technology International. I found out that in order to get certified, I had to pass two tests. The first test was pertaining to the information learned in the SA-239 class. The second test was pertaining to information learned in the SA-299 class which is Advanced System Administration for the Solaris 9 OE. My company wasn't willing to pay for me to attend the 299 class. I passed the first test and decided I wanted to have something to show for my efforts so I signed up for the second class again at ITI. I took the second class the week of July 28, 2003. Today I took and passed the second test. Now I guess I wait for Sun Microsystems to send me my certification material. HOORAY!

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