Friday, June 16, 2006

Acquit means to be found innocent.

Except, apparently, in politics. An article in the Salt Lake Tribune talks about the race for House District 19 in Davis County. This race is between Mark Jacobs and Sheryl Allen. The article says, "Five years ago, the state Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing investigated Jacobs for building a house in Bountiful without a professional license. The city charged him with a Class B misdemeanor and a jury acquitted him in 2001."
I am not a lawyer, but, the dictionary that I use defines acquit as, "pronounce not guilty of criminal charges." To me that means that Mr. Jacobs was found innocent of the Class B misdemeanor charges against him. So why are those charges being brought up now? He is running for a political office, which means, to some people, drag out all the dirt you can about someone. Even if the person was declared innocent of criminal charges.

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