Friday, June 02, 2006

Budget Time = Christmas Time?

So it's budget time for most Utah Cities and Towns. This is the time when department heads make their wish list and then City Managers / Administrators or Mayors get to act like scrooge and give the departments a fifth of what they want.
That's why budget time reminds me of Christmas time. Most kids get to make a list of what they want for Christmas and then Mommy or Daddy get to trim that list down to what the budget can afford.
Which makes me wonder, have you seen a City Council not approve funds for a project that the majority of the City Council has as a pet project?

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Former Centerville Citizen said...

Actually Thad, I can't think of any instances in the recent past where my city council had a pet project that they approved full funding for. But then again I've only been following our city government for about the past two years.