Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm elected, so I don't have to.

In a Deseret Morning News article, it says this about the current Davis County Sheriff not taking the physical fitness test required of his officers, "Cox said that because he is an elected official and not an employee, he does not have to take it."
So does that mean that elected officials should be above the law also? It doesn't make sense to me, if policy requires your officers that you oversee to take the physical fitness test, you should take it as well. To say "I'm elected and not hired in my position, so I don't have to." portrays an arrogance that I don't think anyone wants in an elected official.
I don't want my elected official to be arrogant. Maybe that arrogance can contribute to morale problems. Do you think that's the case?


Former Centerville Citizen said...

At last night's debate, Cox denied that there was a morale problem with officers, whereas Richardson said there was.

I guess most of use can't really know for sure.

Thad said...

You could ask a deputy in the patrol division. They may tell you there is a morale problem.
Cox's most recent campaign material says that the morale issue is just campaign rhetoric. That always seems like a good way to sidestep an issue.

Allie said...

Cox was the only person elected that I was surprised by. I really thought Todd Richardson would win.