Monday, December 01, 2008

Boycott the Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert?

Kurt Bestor has his annual Christmas Concert coming up at Abravanel Hall from December 10th through the 13th. With the recent boycotts called for (by the anti-Proposition 8 crowd) of those who gave money to pass Proposition 8, (see here) I thought, why not do the same to some of those who opposed Proposition 8? Mr. Kurt Bestor has profited for many years from the LDS Church and it's members. He has written musical scores used in many LDS Church films. I would bet that LDS members who are glad Proposition 8 passed have been a majority of his past audiences of his annual Christmas Concert.

Recently, Mr. Bestor said of the LDS Church's involvement in Proposition 8, "The fact that the LDS Church, ... would rise up as they did is disappointing to me. It doesn’t have anything to do with them. I don’t understand and I’m pissed off." (see here, quote is at the bottom of the page)

Well, Mr. Bestor, I suspect there are many LDS members who are "pissed off" that there has been vandalism to sacred church properties, such as the LDS Temple in Los Angeles. Maybe it's time for these "pissed off" LDS members to boycott Mr. Bestor's annual Christmas Concert.


Reach Upward said...

It's been a few years, but I've attended the Bestor Christmas concert a couple of times. It was entertaining, but not enough for me to plunk down the cash to see it again. My decision has nothing to do with making a political statement, but anyone that wants to make a political statement through their support or non-support of the concert ought to do so.

Jason The said...

Seems a little petty, as I doubt Bestor himself was personally involved in any of the vandalism.

Frank Staheli said...

I agree with Jason. There are better ways to make a point than to be vindictive. I think everyone should be above such behavior, and, since I am a Mormon, I especially expect Mormons to act magnanimously.

I don't agree with Kurt Bestor, but I applaud his right to speak his mind, and he makes some downright inspiring music.

Anonymous said...

Bestor is a great person. Did Kurt ever say, "Boycott the Church?" I don't think he did. Why is it that some LDS people feel they should attack anyone who may have a difference of opinion Thad?

This post only shows the bigotry and hateful nature of Thad. If you defend prop 8 because of your religious beliefs that's one thing. To put Bestor on the same level as someone who vandalized a LDS temple is just sick.

Anonymous said...

Bigotry and hateful nature?? Really.

Those with a liberal viewpoint are apparently allowed to demand that the rest of society see things their way, calling anyone who dares to disagree "hateful bigots."

Those are strong words. Perhaps liberals need to consider that they themselves, by using such language, are being "hateful." Do they not see the irony of their hypocrisy?

Thad said...

I have a few comments in relation to the comments from Anonymous 1. First, I've mentioned previously how cowardly those who post anonymously are. Second, I find it interesting that those who probably support a boycott of those people/businesses who supported Proposition 8 are so appalled when someone even mentions that "maybe" there should be a boycott of someone who is "pissed off" that the LDS Church would support Proposition 8. Third, to say that I have a hateful and bigoted nature shows that you really don't know me. If you really feel that I have that type of a nature, give some concrete examples.

To Frank, Mr. Bestor may make some downright inspiring music, however, I personally will not support someone who says that they are "pissed off" for the LDS Church standing up for a moral issue. If you want to support someone like that, I am not going to be the one who tells you that you can't.

Rick said...

I find it sad that so many people have so much anger about this issue around Christmas. As a former Mormon, I do not agree with the church's position regarding gay marriage...but I respect their rights to lobby for laws they feel are moral issues. Just as I believe it is wrong for many to boycott Utah because of the church action, I also think it is wrong for anybody to boycott Kurt's concert because of his opinion. The spirit of Christmas is love, so can't we all just get along for a minute?!

Rick said...

I will also say (to Thad), I agree that the vandalism of church property is inappropriate -- and most gay rights activists concur. Whenever their is a subject that affects people so deeply as this does, there is bound to be some emotions that get out of control. But I think it might be helpful to try to put yourself in their position. Their basic human rights have just been taken away; and even though you might not agree with their lifestyle, they see this action as hateful and bigotous. They also know from fairly recent history that public demonstrations have influence on bad church doctrines (e.g. the "blacks/priesthood" issue), and they hope keeping the issue in the media may serve to open the hearts of church leaders to seek guidance from a position of love and respect, rather from fear and misunderstanding.

Kurt said...

I appreciate the comments "for" and "against" me here in this blog. I applaud those who do it without a lot of vitriol and condemn those on both sides of the equation who lash out with acts of vandalism. As for boycotting me - my concerts have never been political, but that doesn't mean that I never have an opinion. I'm a passionate person and have a hard time bottling it up just to sell CDs or tickets.
So, come to the show for a little Christmas cheer and write me an email if you want to discuss Prop 8 or any other interesting topic. These things need to be studied and discussed. We all need to figure out a way to live together......Kurt Bestor

Rick said...

Thank you Kurt. We will be there Thursday to enjoy your passion expressed in your music.

As a recently lapsed Mormon, for a while I struggled to appreciate Christmas -- celebrating what I believed was a commercialized holiday based on a distorted historical event. I have since come to enjoy the celebration of the true meaning of Christmas -- love and respect for all. Anything that brings family and friends together despite their differences has great merit in my life today.

See you Thursday!