Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Continental Divide

Most people think of the Continental Divide as a line that runs south through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. I'm beginning to think that our country has a bigger division then this. This is the division between the right and the left. It seems to me that the more extreme the left gets by doing things such as supporting civil unions for gay couples, the right pulls to the right even more. I think at a previous time in this country that the lines between a democrat and a republican were pretty blurred. Now it seems that there is no middle ground, kind of like green beans, you either like them or hate them. The bad part of this is that the good debate that really needs to happen in our country never seems to occur. Too much time is spent looking for the bad in people. Maybe we all need to look for the good in everyone and see what happens with our country. Do I really think that will happen? No. There is too much money to be made doing things the other way.

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