Saturday, February 11, 2006

Privacy. Who needs it?

An article in yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune talks about HB429. This bill would impose restrictions on any over-the-counter drug that contains ingredients which can be used to make meth. The article quotes Reid Barker of the Utah Pharmacists Association as saying that the bill may be a breach of customer's privacy rights. The article also quotes Rep. Mike Morley from Spanish Fork (the sponsor of the bill) as saying: "We need to do anything we can to help fight this dreadful curse on society." So is the dreadful curse on society meth or customer's privacy rights? I believe that meth is a problem that needs to be dealt with, however, not at the expense of privacy. Our legislators seem to be very concerned about privacy, at least when it's their privacy. They passed HB258 which makes drastic changes to how the public can contact OUR legislators. I'm glad their privacy is important to them, I hope my privacy is just as important to them.

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