Monday, February 27, 2006

Waste of time

Is there not enough important work to do at the legislature? I really think in the future that somebody needs to crack down on what I think are foolish bills. HB214 is one example. Do we really want our state lawmakers spending time on worrying about a state reptile? I believe this bill was proposed to help teach some 4th graders about the lawmaking process. As the father of a 4th grader, I have a better idea. Do some research about a bill that could affect them in their lives, such as HB012. Give them some ideas how it may impact them. Then have them vote as a class if they think they should support the bill or not. Then have them lobby the position that the class voted for. This way our lawmakers don't have to spend valuable time debating bills that in 5 years really won't matter. I also think that our students will get a much better understanding as to how lawmaking really works. I don't believe our lawmakers debate a state reptile with the same tenacity as they do GRAMA.

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