Monday, May 08, 2006

Cities need good PR person

An article in Sunday's Deseret Morning News says that federal budget cuts could lead to fewer police officers on Utah's streets.
In my opinion, the reason things like this happen, is most cities don't have a person who is good at PR. Most citizens would be going to bat for their cities, if they knew exactly what these grants accomplished.
Let me give a hypothetical situation. Say a city police department receives a grant to help buy new police equipment. There should be someone employed or contracted by the city who writes up a press release and sends it out to the press. An article about the grant and specifically what it will help buy as well as how it will help the city keep property taxes down should definitely appear in the next city newsletter. Then when the president recommends reducing or removing these grants, the citizens can relate to what they will lose in their city.
If cities aren't willing or able to take these steps, then they must face the risk of losing the grant.

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