Friday, May 05, 2006

Don't vote for him, he's a D#$*&!@%

There's a post at Davis County Watch that says, amongst other things, "Where (Pete) Ashdown begins to fail is in choosing to be a Democrat." So, because I'm a registered Republican, I'm not supposed to vote for a Democrat? (Oops, I said the D word.)
To be honest with you, there are quite a few positions that Pete Ashdown has that I agree with. Yes, there are some that I disagree with. Orrin Hatch has positions that I also disagree with. Tyler's post goes on to say, "I feel as much as anyone that there ought to be a better person for Senator than Hatch. But, Urqhart (it's spelled Urquhart) isn't running anymore." He makes it sound as if just because someone is a Democrat (I did it again) we shouldn't vote for them even if our views align more to theirs than to the Republican candidate.
Is party affiliation really that big of an issue?
I say vote for the person, not the party. I feel sorry for anyone who goes to the polls and punches a straight party ticket. I have many times voted only for Republicans, but, I've selected each candidate on their own merits, not their party.


Todd Weiler said...

I cannot disagree with the premise that we should vote for people and not just party affliations. However, there is something to be said about party affliliations when you are voting to send someone back to Congress. When Republicans vote for a moderate like Jim Matheson, they need to remember that the first vote he will case after the election is to elect Nancy Polosi as speaker of the house. She is not what I would call a moderate. My point is that you cannot and should not ignore the party affliation -- especially when you are dealing with Washington, D.C. In baseball, the tie goes to the runner. In politics, I think the tie should go to the Republican. But then again, no one would consider me unbiased.

Todd Weiler

Rob said...

And nobody would Todd.

The reality that Congressman Matheson is Utah's favorite public servant must be a difficult reality for you. What might be even harder is this fact, the Utah Democratic Party has come back to the people. We asked Utahns their opinions of what they really wanted from their public officials, we listened, and then we found Utahns who fit that criteria.

Jim Matheson is a public servant who represents his constituents in a bi-partisan manner. Your attempt to align Matheson to Pelosi is the same old worn out tactic that you have used in many of your articles. Jim may, or may not vote for Pelosi (spelled PELOSI), but he is not a Democratic rubber stamp like a certain senator who we all know.

The really is no tie here Todd, and if there were, then the tie should go to the Democrats. Our state needs a viable two party system. A better debate brings about better laws. It also needs to put away this false belief that Republicans have a monopoly on values. Look at our Democratic past; Cal Rampton, Gunn McKay, Wayne Owens, President James Faust, Scott Matheson, Clyde Miller, J. Dell Holbrook. And then look at our present leaders Jim Matheson, and Peter Corroon. Take a long hard look at candidates Steve Olsen, Christian Burridge, and the man who should replace Senator Hatch, Pete Ashdown.

Democrats represent real choices and real values for real Utahns. We are ready to serve Utah in a bi-partisan manner, and we have a great history of serving Utah honorably.

I challenge anyone who is reading this blog to remember that before anything else we are Utahns first. I'm not a Democrat who thinks that we should rule the world, however, I hope that Utahns will look at what is happening to our state by a majority that feels that locked doors, and high deficits are appropriate.

I not asking people to become Democrats, but I am asking them to consider them.

The grip of fear has reined to long, and bearing false witness against your Democratic neighbors will not stand. Utah Democrats will rise again because of our optimism, our true nature to serve, and because we understand that we are our each other's keeper. My question is this, why not vote for Democrats? Except for a few rare exceptions, we have served this great state well, and we are ready to once again put our house in order.

I have just stepped off my soapbox which is called, “The Truth”.

Reposted by Rob to fix errors. How can I tease Todd about Pelosi when I have errors, darn Blackberry.

Todd Weiler said...


A hundred years ago, the voters in Utah overwhelmingly favored the Democratic Party. Why do you supposed that changed? What did your party do (or not do) that so alienated Utah voters? Why have Utah voters so overwhelmingly voted Republican that you claim our state no longer has a viable, two-party system?

Although I doubt you will answer that question, I will give you a hint. The voters in Utah did not leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left the voters.


donkeydarrell said...

Weiler, when did you leave this comment, three weeks after Miller's post? What a wimp!

BTW, I used to believe that I was a republican. I then realized that everything I stood for was better represented by the democrats.

The wool has been removed from my eyes, and I bet I'm just the beginning.

Thad said...

Ok. Let's see today is May 24th. It hasn't been three weeks since I posted the original post. So apparently switching to a Democrat has made your sense of time be a little off? In addition to that you are posting anonymously. So who was it you said was the wimp??

donkey darrell said...

Sorry, two weeks five days. You partisans are ruthless, and it has been almost three weeks, and I always post as Donkey Darrell, aka Darrell Johnston because I read and comment on blogs, I don't write them.

I guess your both wimps.