Thursday, May 11, 2006

Watch me talk out both sides of my mouth.

An article in today's Deseret Morning News talks about the ongoing lawsuit over the crosses that are erected to honor Utah Highway Patrol Troopers who die in the line of duty.
The last paragraph states:
"American Atheists is asking a federal judge to order removal of those crosses located on government property. The group also suggests that the crosses be replaced with a more secular symbol, such as the Utah Highway Patrol symbol, which is a beehive."
Another article in today's paper talks about the selection of the design for Utah's state quarter. It quotes Margaret Hunt, chairwoman of the Utah Quarter Commission, about the beehive design for the quarter, "Others felt it had too close a tie to religion."
So on memorial markers the beehive is secular, but, on a quarter it has too close a tie to religion? Interesting.

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