Wednesday, October 31, 2007

West Bountiful Mayor likes to rock the boat

An article in yesterday's Davis County Clipper talks about West Bountiful's Mayor James Behunin not wanting to re-appoint Justice Court Judge Joel Campbell. The article goes on to quote Judge Campbell as saying "I could just choose to resign, or I can choose to confront the Mayor and ask him to show cause why not to reappoint me and that’s what we are doing Tuesday night."

The only problem with the Judge's comments is that the state law is pretty vague. The relevant section of state code says that the decision of the legislative body, the city council in this case, is not subject to appeal. It also says that one thing that could lead to a judge not being re-appointed is "any other factors considered relevant by the appointing authority." Mayor Behunin would be the "appointing authority" in this case.

I have absolutely no training in matters of law, but, it would seem to me that the City Council could justify not re-appointing Judge Campbell for just about anything that Mayor Behunin deemed a "relevant factor." In fact, couldn't the mayor just say that he believes it's a "relevant factor" to have the judge be a resident of the city?


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened at this meeting?

Thad said...

I've been trying to find out, but, haven't had any luck yet.

WP said...

I had a less than satisfactory run-in with the Mayor. I would support anyone he is not supporting, I intend to talk with a couple friends in West Bntfl and find out what is going on.

Being mayor of West Bountiful for at least one term -- won't that get you into a politicians hall of fame, right up there with Jake Garn, IKE, FDR, Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson?

Hang in there Wendell Wilde!

James said...

Nice Blog Thad.

The Judge and I had a lively exchange. Several members of the public spoke -- both in favor and against the reappointment of the Judge. In the end I recommended we reappoint the Judge and the council voted unanimously to support that recommendation.

Mayor Behunin

Thad said...

Thanks for responding, mayor. I know in small cities it takes guts to stick your neck out and respond to these things publicly.